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When should you litigate? Or when shouldn’t you?

A legal dispute has arisen. You want to take a person to court. You want to litigate and win. Wait! Consider these 4 points before you make your decision whether to litigate or not. Be sure to get the advice of a legal professional when making this decision. Should you litigate? Consider the money Litigation is expensive. There are court costs, advocate and attorney costs and other costs. Read More

5 Legal reasons why you SHOULDN’T start a business (yet!)

start a business

There are many reasons why you should start a business. There are many reasons why you SHOULDN’T start a business. This post is about why you SHOULDN’T start a business. Yet. To be clear, we don’t mean you should never start a business. You should start it as someone who is prepared. Here are five legal considerations to help you on your journey to starting your business. Each reason speaks Read More

5 things to think about before writing your will

Drafting and executing a will takes time and careful thought. Before you even get to writing your will, however, you need to consider various factors in preparation. In this post…

Read more…