5 Top tips for a good partnership agreement

Entering into a business partnership with another person can be an exciting prospect. Like any relationship, however, there are many opportunities for misunderstanding and disagreement. Having a good partnership agreement in place between you and your partner(s) helps form a partnership that starts and stays strong. Here are 5 top tips for a good partnership agreement. This is not an exhaustive Read More

Cellphone contracts, gym memberships, can I cancel a fixed term contract?

Many of us have a cellphone contract. Many of us want to make that commitment to sign up for a gym membership and get fit. And there are many that are renting under a one year lease. These are all examples of fixed term contracts - agreements that operate for a defined duration. Fixed term contracts play a major role in our lives. The only problem is that in life, circumstances can change over the Read More

The best legal structure for your new business (Part 2)

Looking to start a new business? One of the important decisions that you will have to make is the choice of legal structure for your business. When structuring your business,…

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