5 Legal reasons why you SHOULDN’T start a business (yet!)

start a business

There are many reasons why you should start a business. There are many reasons why you SHOULDN’T start a business. This post is about why you SHOULDN’T start a business. Yet. To be clear, we don’t mean you should never start a business. You should start it as someone who is prepared. Here are five legal considerations to help you on your journey to starting your business. Each reason speaks Read More

6 Top legal tips for starting your business

Starting a business is a daunting but exciting adventure. As you embark upon this journey, it is important to operate in a manner that protects you and your business legally. In this post, we provide you with (in no particular order) 6 top legal tips for starting your business. 1. Choose the correct legal structure for your business You have to choose how your business will be structured in Read More

The best legal structure for your new business (Part 2)

Looking to start a new business? One of the important decisions that you will have to make is the choice of legal structure for your business. When structuring your business,…

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