The Competition Act, companies and me – when is a company dominant?

Competition Act Dominance

This is the second blog in a series detailing and explaining the abuse of dominance provisions of the Competition Act. If you are joining us now, be sure to read the first blog on price fixing, and how companies drive prices up here. As stated in our first blog, there is nothing wrong with a firm being dominant in its particular market, what is prohibited is the abuse of such dominance. So, Read More

Janine Nainkin - Guest Blogger

Do companies really agree to drive prices up? And what is price fixing anyway?

Price Fixing

The US Department of Justice recently published a statement in which it detailed that 29 companies had been involved in price fixing and bid rigging in relation to the supply of automotive airbags and steering wheels to the automotive industry in the US. A fine of $ 26 million dollars was imposed. Price Fixing - international ripple effects What is interesting about this case is that most of the Read More

Janine Nainkin - Guest Blogger