What are my rights as a tenant when the property is being sold?

If my landlord decides to sell her property, what are my rights as a tenant? Can I remain on the property? Am I allowed to cancel the contract? Would canceling the contract be a breach? South African law does make provision for this type of situation. It is still important, however, to consider your contract as well. My rights as a tenant: Can I remain on the property? South African law does Read More

Cellphone contracts, gym memberships, can I cancel a fixed term contract?

Many of us have a cellphone contract. Many of us want to make that commitment to sign up for a gym membership and get fit. And there are many that are renting under a one year lease. These are all examples of fixed term contracts - agreements that operate for a defined duration. Fixed term contracts play a major role in our lives. The only problem is that in life, circumstances can change over the Read More

How does the voetstoots clause apply to sale agreements protected by the CPA?

Since the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) has come into operation in South Africa, a major point of interest has concerned the application of the voetstoots clause in relation to sale…

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