How does the voetstoots clause apply to sale agreements protected by the CPA?


Since the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) has come into operation in South Africa, a major point of interest has concerned the application of the voetstoots clause in relation to sale agreements that fall under the CPA. This blog post will look specifically at the relationship between voetstoots and the CPA. Know the terms? A voetstoots clause states that the seller sells the property “as is”. Read More

Indemnity forms: What you need to know


Have you ever signed an indemnity form? Did you ever think that giving that company complete indemnity seemed a bit unfair? Does the whole idea of indemnity confuse you a bit? Or are you a company who wants to use indemnity forms, but is not sure what exactly you can and can’t do? Well, in this blog post, we are going to look at some basics about indemnity forms (or clauses). Hopefully this will Read More

How to protect your name as a franchisor

how to protect your name as a franchisor

Many companies in South Africa have often benefitted greatly from converting branches into paid-for franchise operations and most new operations are now set up as franchises. The benefits and risks…

Read more…