5 Top tips for a good partnership agreement

Entering into a business partnership with another person can be an exciting prospect. Like any relationship, however, there are many opportunities for misunderstanding and disagreement. Having a good partnership agreement in place between you and your partner(s) helps form a partnership that starts and stays strong. Here are 5 top tips for a good partnership agreement. This is not an exhaustive Read More

6 Top tips for making good business contracts

In this post, we provide you with 6 top tips for making good business contracts. Whether you are starting out or already have a flourishing business, it is good to familiarise yourself with these tips. Please note, this list is not extensive, there is so much that goes into making good business contracts. If ever in doubt, contact a legal professional for advice. 1. Get it in writing In Read More

What are my rights as a tenant when the property is being sold?

If my landlord decides to sell her property, what are my rights as a tenant? Can I remain on the property? Am I allowed to cancel the contract? Would canceling…

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