Can an unregistered antenuptial contract be binding?

Very recently this year, the Durban High Court heard a divorce case that raised a very important question surrounding marriage, antenuptial agreements and marital property regimes. It had to engage with the idea of an unregistered antenuptial contract. The facts This case involved two parties that were married and now wanted to divorce. Prior to their marriage, the parties had decided to be Read More

Why should you update your will after divorce?

Updating your Will after Divorce

Did you know that in 1992, the Wills Act was amended substantially but many people do not know about this Act’s most important provisions? For example, in terms of Section 2B of the Wills Act if a person executes a Will, gets divorced, and then dies within three months of getting divorced, his Will will be implemented as if his former spouse had died before the divorce.  The only exception to this Read More

SA’S Legal Profession Does Put Justice Above Immediate Personal Gain.

Some years ago a joke that went the rounds in Cape Town?s professional circles went something like this: ? what do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? And the answer, much appreciated in some circles was, ?a good start!? Why is it that lawyers have picked up this rather unsavoury shark-like reputation ? and is it justified?

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