Disciplinary hearing? Common mistakes made by employers and employees

As an employer, you have to be prepared to deal with a disciplinary hearing in the correct way. You have to avoid making mistakes - to protect yourself and your employees. As an employee, you don’t want to find yourself in a place where you need to be disciplined. If you ever do, however, you need to conduct yourself in the correct manner - to protect yourself but also any future relationship you Read More

Was your dismissal unfair? Know your Rights as an Employee in South Africa

unfair dismissal

Many dismissed employees are left wondering if their dismissal is unfair in terms of our legislation. It is very important to know your rights as an employee and what your options are if you are an employee who find yourself suddenly unemployed and struggling. The Labour Relations Act (“LRA”) has a Code of Good Practice for Dismissals that employers must follow. The two-stage fairness test for Read More

Overtime: What you need to know

The subject of overtime is covered in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. In setting out the rules, the law seeks to find a balance between the rights of employees…

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