When should you litigate? Or when shouldn’t you?

A legal dispute has arisen. You want to take a person to court. You want to litigate and win. Wait! Consider these 4 points before you make your decision whether to litigate or not. Be sure to get the advice of a legal professional when making this decision. Should you litigate? Consider the money Litigation is expensive. There are court costs, advocate and attorney costs and other costs. Read More

Four tips for a successful mediation process

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It can be described on a basic level as “assisted negotiations outside of court”. We are passionate about mediation at Gunstons. We believe that meditation can provide for effective solutions to disputes. If you ever have to engage in the mediation process, you will no doubt desire a satisfactory outcome. Here are four top tips that can Read More

Commercial mediation: how does it work and what are its benefits?

Commercial dispute resolution has been for many years shaped by a culture of litigation – parties engaging in legal battles that are expensive, that can go on for many years…

Read more…