The best legal structure for your new business (Part 2)

Looking to start a new business? One of the important decisions that you will have to make is the choice of legal structure for your business. When structuring your business, you have various options available to you. What follows is the second part in our blog series guideline to help you in choosing the best legal structure for your new business. Before you make any final decision, however, we Read More

How to choose the best legal structure for your new business (Attention entrepreneurs!)

When starting a new business, there are various things you need to carefully consider. One important decision you have to make relates to the legal structure you want your business to take. How you make this decision depends on a number of factors. Which structure you choose has far reaching implications. It makes sense, then, to spend some time considering the options available. What follows is Read More

Arbitration during business rescue: is it allowed?

arbitration during business rescue

The new Companies Act states that you may not institute legal proceedings in any forum against a company in business rescue, except with the written consent of the business rescue…

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