POPI Act – would you put a padlock on the Crown Jewels?

POPI Act reasonably practicable

In previous blogs in this series on compliance with the POPI Act we have looked at the definition of personal information and also what is meant by "processing". We also suggested a DIY method to get you on your way to understanding exactly how your company or organisation processes personal information as a first step towards POPI Act compliance. It is important to understand how personal Read More

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POPI Act Compliance – what is the minimum I have to do to comply?

POPI Act Compliance

In this post we will look at certain interrelated, but distinct requirements of two of the conditions for lawful processing of personal information necessary for POPI Act compliance. One could say that these are some of the minimum requirements for POPI Act compliance. They are: the requirement of "consent" contained in "condition 2: processing limitation", and the requirement of "collection Read More

Garth Watson

Processing of personal information: A suggested DIY method towards compliance with the POPI Act

Processing of Personal Information

The Protection of Personal Information Act (“the POPI Act”) sets out standards for the lawful processing of personal information. In previous blogs I have introduced some of the key concepts…

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