Know your place: rights and obligations of tenants

The rights and obligations of tenants is a topic well covered in South African law. We have both statutory and common law on this matter. Knowing your rights and obligations as a tenant is critical to understanding your role in the relationship of landlord-tenant. In this post we will look at some of the important rights and obligations of tenants in this relationship. Rent As a tenant, you Read More

Know your servitudes: personal vs praedial

In this post we look at servitudes. We will explain what they are and the different types.  Depending on where you live, servitudes can really affect you. Read on, and if you are facing any problems in the area of servitudes, please do not hesitate to contact us (see below)! What is a servitude? A servitude is a registered right that one person has over the (servient) property of another. It Read More

5 Top legal tips to know before you sign your lease

As a prospective tenant, it is important to be informed before you sign your lease agreement. If you are able to identify a fair and well constructed lease agreement, this…

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