My deceased estate and maintenance claims: how does it work?

In South African law, the principle of freedom of testation applies. You are allowed to write your will and decide how your property will be passed on once you have passed away. As a general rule, you are allowed to leave your property to whoever you want. You are allowed to do this with almost absolute control. However, certain exceptions do apply to the principle of freedom of testation. When it Read More

What are my rights as a tenant when the property is being sold?

If my landlord decides to sell her property, what are my rights as a tenant? Can I remain on the property? Am I allowed to cancel the contract? Would canceling the contract be a breach? South African law does make provision for this type of situation. It is still important, however, to consider your contract as well. My rights as a tenant: Can I remain on the property? South African law does Read More

Sectional title ownership: The benefits vs drawbacks

Are you considering buying into a sectional title scheme, but are not sure whether sectional title ownership is the correct option for you? If this is the case, it is…

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