Dividends tax & declaring a dividend after 1 April 2012

As we are all now well aware, Dividends Tax (DT) comes into effect from 1 April 2012. The crucial difference between STC and DT is that DT is a tax imposed on beneficial owners, and not on the company itself.   The move to a dividends tax regime brings several further changes that affect taxpayers- for one, the effective tax rate under DT will be higher than that under STC. The table below Read More

Donations inter vivos have you been given a donation and are you aware of the implications thereof?

Gunstons has recently commented on the validity of a donation, as well as advising on the tax implications.   While an older person may fruitfully consider the option of donating a property to one of their children during their lifetime, subject to the condition that the benefit of that donation will only pass to the child on the death of the parent, this has various implications: 1.It may Read More

Dividends Tax to Replace Secondary Tax on Companies from April 2012

As from 1 April 2012 Dividends Tax will replace STC (Secondary Tax on Companies) as the tax on dividends.  The main difference between the two systems of tax is that…

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