The Legal Practice Act, 2014 – a Road to Transformation

The Legal Practice Act, 2014 was assented to by the President yesterday and will repeal all South African legislation which currently regulates the admission and profession of attorneys, conveyancers, notaries and advocates. This grand repeal will happen on a date fixed by the President by proclamation in the Government Gazette. The Legal Practice Act, 2014 - forced disruption in the legal Read More

Garth Watson

Growth at Gunstons, something refreshing, and a new website to tell the story

Gunstons Attorneys

A lot can happen in three years... It's the time it takes to get a university degree (for most!).  It's the difference between a new born baby and a walking, talking little boy or girl and it's the time between now and when Grant Gunston Inc. changed it's name to Gunstons Attorneys (give or take a few months!). Quite simply, in the last three years we have grown, grown well, and outgrown our Read More

Garth Watson

Motherhood: Finding the balance

Tracy Pryce Is it possible to balance working as a lawyer and motherhood and be happy Yes.Is it easy? No.Is it for everyone?  Maybe not. How do I do it?…

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