How do I write my will? I’m married with underage children

Your will is a living document. It should develop with you as you progress through life. It should reflect and plan for the life stage you find yourself in. Every life stage has slightly different implications for writing your will. This is a blog series on writing your will for your particular life stage. If you are single without a partner, single with a life partner or married without Read More

Looking to form a trust? Ensure you know its limitations!

limitations of a trust

Certain High and Appeal Court cases over the years have brought home to the South African business community that the advantages of establishing a trust as a vehicle for protecting assets and for estate planning purposes can be negated if the donor treats the trust as his alter ego, i.e. as a means of continuing to maintain control over the assets and treating them as if they were his own. The Read More

Executors, trustees and guardians

Last time I wrote about executors and the importance of thinking carefully about who will administer your estate when you die. I also suggested that there are other fiduciary roles…

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Grant Gunston